Steve Poling

2060 Highbluff NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49505
616 459-7127


To serve in an organization which offers potential for growth and professional development. I am seeking the right opportunity to manifest my expertise in a demanding and rewarding environment.


1998 - Present
Rapistan Systems, Inc.
Grand Rapids, MI

SENIOR SOFTWARE DEVELOPER: Assisted in architecting RSCL Model 3631 sort controller using OO techniques and incorporating a HTTP server. Developed protocols for network communications via TCP/IP sockets between RSCL controller/server and web browser-based clients. Developed code in C++ and Java at the server and client sides of this interface respectively.

1996 - 1998
McGraw-Hill, Inc. - Sweet's
Grand Rapids, MI

SENIOR SOFTWARE DEVELOPER: Responsible for architecting and specifying the Digital Media Content system that defined the business process, production workflow used to generate electronic content for Personally took part in specifying, managing, and/or developing the software that enabled said process and workflow. Assisted with requirements & specification of Sweet's CD product and assisted in the transition of its media content to HTML, etc. Developed software used in cataloging media content used in the Sweet's CAD product.

1993 - 1996
Compliance Systems, Inc.
Grand Rapids, MI

SENIOR SOFTWARE DEVELOPER: Responsible for all in-house software development. Developed a family of programs to generate disclosures for use within the financial industry. Developed software to analyze and manipulate HP PCL printer codes used in printed forms. Developed software to calculate financial statistics on accounts.

1992 - 1993
AVL Information Systems, Inc.
Big Rapids, MI

SENIOR SOFTWARE DEVELOPER: Developed a Windows workstation for Police Dispatchers using GIS software and vehicle location information transmitted by patrol cars. Also developed the embedded system installed in the patrol cars.

1989 - 1992
Computer Design, Inc.
Grand Rapids, MI

SENIOR ENGINEER: Developed a Unix image processing system to photogrammetrically measure vehicle airbags in an SPC application. Developed neural network and statistical pattern recognition algorithms for fabric inspection.

1983 - 1989
Smiths Industries, Inc.
Grand Rapids, MI

ENGINEER I: Managed development of embedded systems for military avionics systems. Managed development of multi-processor test system for flight data recorders. Developed speech recognition in a cockpit voice environment.

1980 - 1983
National Security Agency
Fort Meade, MD

CRYPTOLOGIC MATHEMATICIAN: various classified programs involving statistical pattern recognition, data telecommunication, and mathematical analysis. developed algorithms for automatic voice quality evaluation.

Buzzwords of stuff that I know not mentioned above: Unix/Linux, COM/OLE/ActiveX, CORBA, ODBC, C/C++, UML, Java, Perl, HTML, CGI, MySQL, VB, MS Access, MS Office, Fortran and other dead languages. mailto:[email protected] and ask for samples of my work that use these things.


1981 - 1983
Johns Hopkins University

1978 - 1980
Michigan State University

1974 - 1978
Cedarville College


Member, deacon & occasional Sunday school teacher of Trinity Baptist Church. Husband and father of two. Computer hobbyist from the days of CP/M & Z80s. Owner and manager of rental properties. (Call if you need an apartment.) Read science fiction & techno-thrillers. Consider myself a dilettante in philosophy. Taught C, Pascal, and assembler classes at Davenport College. Taught FORTRAN at Cornerstone College. Published article in an Amiga computer magazine.


Mr. Doug Gosciak
Rowe International, Inc
1500 Union SE
Grand Rapids, MI
616 243-3633

Mr. Donald MacConnel
Omnitrack Systems
1020 E. Maple Street
Big Rapids, MI
616 592-0400

Mr. Paul Tjapkes
McGraw-Hill, Inc
99 Monroe NW
Grand Rapids, MI
616 592-0400

Mr. Ed Vander Maas
Troubador Software
1439 43rd SW
Wyoming, MI
616 538-9874

Mr. Ed Falk
Edifice Systems
8902 Whittall St
Rockford, MI
616 874-9559